JJ Cafe @ Ipoh

Coffee, Avocado Duca, Swiss Roll

Tired of commercialized chicken rice with arrogant attitude, we decided to try modern cafe in Ipoh instead. JJ Cafe (GPS: 4.58354,101.09360) is an accidental discovery and it surprised us with its coffee, Swiss roll and more important, the sinful Signature “Siew Yuk” Pasta. Since then, we visited the outlet twice despite 160 km away from Penang.

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CNY Yee Sang Banquet @ Vistana Hotel Penang


[January 2017] Vistana Hotel Penang (GPS: 5.33639,100.29139) is proud to present Hong Kong Master Chef Ng Wing Lam, an accomplished Master with over 40 years of experience in Hong Kong and Asia. The Chinese Banquet Master Chef will lead Vistana Chefs as they develop innovative and outstanding Chinese Banquet Cuisine for your enjoyment at the Vistana Hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Penang.

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Eat Scream

Indonesian Nasi Lemak (Sambal Lado Fish)

Traditionally, Nasi Lemak is Malaysian’s famous breakfast enjoyed by all races. It can be found as triangle-shaped packages in coffee shop or roadside stalls. It is also not a stranger in some chain restaurants in which the coconut milk-infused fragrant rice dish is included as one of the menu items. Recently, we noticed few “Nasi Lemak specialists” popping out in The Pearl of the Orient – including Eat Scream (GPS: 5.41172,100.33118) we are going to introduce.

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