Heaven Gate Penang New Dinner Menu


As long as Penang’s fine dining is concerned, my experience is mixed. Some really provided quality food and friendly service in which I don’t mind paying extra. For some cases, however, the service quality was just substandard and  some old-timers were arrogant especially when serving customers with active kids, casual attire (especially slave like me), or even with skin colour they don’t like. Fortunately for Heaven Gate, my experience was positive one.

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Gathers Cafe @ Raja Uda

Cafe Rules

We have many rules in our daily life. For restaurants, the most common one are “no smoking” and “no outside food”. Have you ever seen a cafe with 22 rules including “no combing hair”, “no petting (heavy)”, “no beat your child inside the cafe” and “no flirting with staffs”? These rules quickly turned Gathers Cafe at Raja Uda into a famous cafe full of restrictions.

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