Baskin Robbins Wednesday Promotion


It was one of the Wednesday when I enjoyed this “Rum Raisin” (my favorite) and “Maui Brownie Madness” (chocolate ice yogurt with fudge) double scope ice-creams from one of the Baskin Robbins outlets here at the price of only RM7.90.

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Penang Top 12 Food


  1. Char Koey Teow
  2. Penang Laksa
  3. Hokkien Mee
  4. Cendol/Ice Kacang (These are two different things. Why put them together is beyond my knowledge.)
  5. Curry Mee
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Who invented the flower tea?


水中花篮 Flowering Red Amaranth

When I visited Canton-i last week, I was amazed by their flower teas (工艺花茶), which was nicely tied and presented in a glass. Then, I found one article in newspaper regarding the origin of this kind of flower teas.

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Buffet Cheat Sheet


Right-click and "Save image as..."

Here are some tricks to eat more and “earn” your money back when having buffet:

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