Langkawi Nature Discovery Package


Two weeks ago I joined a one-day “Langkawi Nature Discovery” package to Langkawi– an island north of Penang. The package was offered by Langkawi Coral– a Langkawi tour agent in Penang. It had been decades since I visited the island. Even though Langkawi is not as well developed as Penang island, it is in fact bigger than Penang, and even Singapore!

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Pulau Payar (Part 3) – Beach


Snorkeling without seeing bikini girls laying or playing on beach is a sin. We actually arrived at the floating platform which is near to the beach. This post will show guys out there how to get to the beach to see mouth-watering bikini girls.

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Pulau Payar (Part 1) – Now Snorkeling


After living in Penang for a while, I asked myself, is there a beach nearby where I can enjoy crystal clear water? The answer is yes, by paying Pulau Payar a visit. I went there in one of the Sunday. It took me few days to arrange all the photos. As a result, this post will be divided into three parts – “Snorkeling”, “Beach” and “Food”.

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