Golden Bowl Cafetiam @ New World Park

Tomyam Cheese Soup

Craving for something spicy (and we mean paralyzing spicy, not the Hokkien-Mee-with-a-scope-of-sambal kind of spiciness) early in the morning? Head to Golden Bowl Cafetiam (GPS: 5.42081,100.32663) at New World Park/Batu Lanchang for a bowl of Tomyam noodle topped with a slice of cheese. Bring along a towel though.

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Tao Kae Noi Mookata 小老板火锅 @ Siam Road, Penang


You probably heard of “steamboat” and “Korean BBQ”. How about “Mookata“? Mookata is probably originated from Thailand and is the combination of Korean BBQ and Chinese hot pot.  In other words, you can grill and cook your favorite food on a unique pan. Mookata was in Thailand for more than 25 years before spreading to Malaysia and Singapore. Today, we bring you to a – Tao Kae Noi Mookata (GPS: 5.41501,100.32055) offering such delectable food.

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Khidthung Thai Seafood 想你泰 @ Perak Road, Penang

泰式酸酐蒸海鲜 Thai Lemon Steamed Seafood

泰式酸酐蒸海鲜 Thai Lemon Steamed Seafood – the dish you will find in almost all table of Khidthung Thai Seafood Tomyam Restaurant 想你泰 at Perak Road, Penang. Yes, it is their best seller. The Kapa clams and squid are steamed in sweet, sour and spicy broth using charcoal. The longer it boils, the sweeter the broth.

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Thai Original Boat Noodle

Siam Laksa

It was a long Saturday in which we had to work from nine to six. Our eyes were like Mashimaro  when we arrived at Thai Original Boat Noodle – a restaurant we decided to give it a try when venturing in Teras Jaya Business Park at Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang. Our eyes immediately opened after having a sip of the soup.

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Zest Bar Cafe @ Glow Hotel Penang Set Lunch

Yam Moon Sen (Glass Noodle Salad)

We first introduced Glow Hotel in our previous Father’s Day post. It is actually a Thai’s hotel under the management of Zinc with five outlets in Thailand and one offshore, that is, the Penang branch. Today, we introduce the new set lunch and ala carte menu, which we found it rather special compared to other Penang hotels.

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Khun De Thai Batu Lanchang (Part 1)

Khun De Thai Restaurant11.30am-2.30pm,5.30pm-10.00pm dailyTel: +604-282 9690

Located at Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ew Lim near Batu Lanchang, Khun De Thai is not to be confused with Khun Thai at Teluk Kumbar. While the later has beach view with ample parking space, Khun De Thai is located at the busy street of Batu Lanchang and it is extremely hard to find parking there. Maximum of 5 cars can be parked in front of Khun De Thai, while the rest have to park further up a bit, at the shoulder of Jalan Hikmat (see Google Map below).

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