BBQ Chicken – A Healthier Alternative

If you have health concern on red color old man fried chicken chain stores widely available in Malaysia, you may consider BBQ Chicken from Korea. There is an outlet in Gurney Plaza, Penang. The specialty is not BBQ chicken, but chicken fried with olive oil, which is said able to reduce cholesterol etc. Seriously, it is not as irritating as the old man’s one even you consumed 3 pieces of it at one time. The meat is smoother as well. Also, they mostly provide drumstick and/or thigh parts. Another meal called Jerk BBQ are also very good (perhaps this is the food the shop named after with). On most dishes, you can choose either mash potato or steamed rice as side dish. Both also taste good.

When I first visiting BBQ Chicken in February, I was given RM5 voucher in which I can redeem immediately. Now, the offer seems no longer available 🙁 There should be another outlet opening at New World Park, Burma Road, Penang if not wrong.

As a whole, even though the price is slightly more expensive than the chain stores out there, the healthier food make this restaurant a better choice for health-concern customers.