Tony Roma’s – Famous on its ribs, expensive on its dishes

Tony Rama’s is famous of its steaks but my friend went to Pavilion branch for some set lunches last Friday. Similar to TGIF, the dishes are at expensive side (e.g. rib eye costs about RM50++) and set lunches cost about RM16.90++ each. My friend ordered Rosmary Chicken served with potato soup, bread, and drink.

The french fried is more than the chicken itself.

The soup comes with a pack of biscuits. Wonder it is from Khong Guan or not.

The bread is wrapped in a paper. Kind of unique but my friend feel kind of cheated as 6 of them share 2 breads. Does it mean than one person will entitle only 1/3 of the bread?

Figure above shows ice lemon tea. As a whole, the shop is good for its ribs but not others. The chicken set is too small and there are many options around with this kind of price.

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Place Name:Tony Roma's (Pavilion)
Address:Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia