Nando’s – Choose your Peri-Peri

Sparkling Apple (Nandos Specialty)

Sparkling Apple (Nando's Specialty)

It may be too late to review Nando’s. Originated from South Africa, it has been in Malaysia for years and I already visited it for few times. That time I still don’t have my “weapon” ready so here are some recent photos.

Compared to other restaurants of the same type, Nando’s specialty is that it has various kind of Peri-Peri (Chilies) sauces on each table – from tomato to super hot peri. I like the garlic chili sauce the most. You can purchase the sauces from their counter as well.

Quarter Chicken with 2 Side Dishes (Hot)

Quarter Chicken with 2 Side Dishes (Hot)

The menu is slightly difficult to navigate at first but you can always grab it from official website. For set meal, you can add two sidelines of your choice. The one you see on the photo above is Coleslaw and Mediterranean rice. There are 4 levels of spiciness to choose from:

  • Lemon & Herb
  • Mild Peri-Peri
  • Hot Peri-Peri
  • Extra Hot Peri-Peri

Extra Hot Peri-Peri” is not that hot actually. I have seen many girls ordering this one with no sweat!

Peri Kick Starter

Peri Kick Starter

There is a new dish in the menu – Peri Kick Starter. It serves 3 chicken wings, 4 mini Kebabs, Grilled Chicken Sausage, Novo Pita and fresh cucumber stick with Creamy Peri Dip. The chicken wing and Novo Pita are just average. The dip, sausages and Kebabs are good. It is good for 3 persons or more. I ended up have to take away some with a friend of mine.

There are 5 branches in Penang state. Previously, we like to visit the one in Penang Airport since it gave FTZ (Free Trade Zone) workers free Peri-Peri fried. However, it has been replaced with McDonald. Sadly there is still 5% government tax applied.


As a whole, if you found roasted chicken in other restaurants are not challenging enough, you should give this one a try.

Place Name:Nando's
Address:LG-92, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas, 11900, Penang, Malaysia
Tel:04-6466555 Fax: 04-6463636
Email:[email protected]