Kek Lok Si Lighting 2009

Each year during Chinese New Year, Kek Lok Si (极乐寺) at Air Itam, Penang will be lighten up with beautiful lights at night and will last for about 30 days. I did not visit it previously but this year, I paid it the first visit in the evening.

I parked my car at the bottom and walk all the way up to the temple’s car park. There are many photographers carrying their DSLR camera and tripod there for some nice pictures. When I arrived at about 7:15pm, I can see some photographers standing at the opposite side of Kek Lok Si, on top of the hill for some firework shoots. This also mean that I stood at wrong location to take firework photos.


Shooting night scene is a nightmare without a tripod. I bought a tripod on the same day for my point-and-shoot camera. The photos look better now with a tripod.

Kek Lok Si will be lighten up for 33 days starting from 21-Jan-2009. Time will be from 7pm to 12am. For 25-Jan, 26-Jan, 27-Jan, and 9-Feb (除夕,初一,初二,元宵), lights will be on from 7pm – 7am of the next day.

The scene is really excellent. There are thousand of lantern hanging around. Most of them are by donation. The flowers are blooming and decorated with lights as well. Kek Lok Si spent RM300,000 this time for decoration.

As a whole, you should visit Kek Lok Si during this lighting event. Pray for good luck in the new year. Make a wish there. Remember to bring a camera. Tripod is your good friend.