12 Don’t When Taking Medicine for Old Men


As older generation’s body performance starts degrading, they starts taking medicines. The following list shows things to avoid when taking medicine (suitable for adults as well):

  1. Don’t overuse without any given direction.
  2. Don’t take too many type of medicine at one time.
  3. Reduce dosage for each type of medicine (e.g. 50% – 75% of adult quantity).
  4. Don’t undergo medication over a long period of time (bad for kidney).
  5. Don’t follow what’s others said (different body different seriousness).
  6. Don’t use unapproved “secret recipe”.
  7. Don’t misuse traditional medicine.
  8. Don’t change the medicine by yourself.
  9. Don’t use the same medicine over a long period of time (will reduce effectiveness and can be addictive).
  10. Don’t misuse antibiotic, hormone, or vitamin (they won’t fix everything).
  11. Don’t rely on sleeping pills (unless it is very serious).
  12. Don’t rely on laxative (will cause lacking of vitamins).

In my opinion, as we grow older, we tend to forgot things. Even I myself also forgot to take medicine sometimes. It is okay to skip the intake once in a while. Most important is discipline. Don’t say “I don’t wanna take medicine tonight as I am too full with my dinner just now.”.

Also, listen to and learn from your doctor. Some doctors simply adjust the dosage based on the illness. You can seek for other doctors’ opinions, self perform blood test from certified blood lab (if the illness can be measured from your blood), and see which medicine suit you most.