7 advantages of eating banana


  1. Smooth bowel movement
    Banana contains high fiber so taking one at night before sleeping will help in solving constipation.
  2. Prevent stomach ulcer
    Banana contains a special chemical to form a shield on stomach wall, make it less vulnerable to ulcer. For those taking alcoholic drink, take one banana first before drinking.
  3. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
    Banana contains vitamin A, B, C, E etc and low in cholesterol. Frequent consumption will help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
  4. Adjust emotion
    Banana contains Tryptohan and vitamin B6, which is believe able to make people more excited and make the mood better.
  5. Replenish carbohydrate
    Banana is rich in mineral and thus is considered as high energy fruit. You can see some athletes like to take banana/chocolate during the game.
  6. Control fungus and bacteria grow
    If you are suffering from skin itchiness such as Psoriasis, you can use banana skin and apply on the spot to reduce the decease. I personally didn’t try it yet though.
  7. Improve immune system
    Frequent consumption will increase white blood cells and thus improve immune system.

However, banana is not good if you have weak stomach. It is also not good for diabetes and those under diet.