Gastronomic Kopitiam Revisited

Castronomic Kopitiam

Gastronomic Kopitiam

What is “fusion cuisine”? Is selling nasi lemak, bak kut teh, and roti canai under the same roof considered “fusion”? According to Wiki, fusion cuisine is combination of traditional cuisine resulted in a new dish which does not fit into any category (and hence “fusion”). So, if you selling bak kut teh which serve with nasi lemak (instead of white rice), and “umm” with roti canai (instead of You Char Kway), then it is fusion (can eat or not still another story). Today I would like to re-introduce Gastronomic Kopitiam, a fusion restaurant.

Air Bandung

Air Bandung

My last visit to Gastronomic Kopitiam was last August, which is almost a year. Some floggers asked me the location of the restaurant. It is located in Sunway Tunas, behind KWSP office row and opposite of a big parking lot (see photo above). Let’s see what’s new after a year.The restaurant now has a closed door, which mean that it is cooler dining in this air-conditional restaurant now. Also I can see a desktop plant on each table. The same auntie is still there (where else you expect her to be). It has daily set lunch menu, including one in oriental style (RM6.50) and western style (RM12.80).  I ordered western style this visit.

Potage Pulut A'la Parme

Potage Pulut A’la Parme

I seldom mention about soups which came with main courses (usually just a simple mushroom soup), but not this one. The name is so difficult to remember until I have to steal their menu and type it down. Potage = thick soup in French, Pulut = glutinous rice, A’la = ??, Parme = A city in Italy which is famous with its cheese. So basically this Potage Pulut A’la Parme is a thick soup crunhed with glutinous rice and topped with cheese powder. It tasted a bit like sharkfin soup.

Grilled Chicken A'la Indonesia

Grilled Chicken A’la Indonesia

Here come the main course. It looks like chicken chop but the sauce tasted different with added rempah (spice). It also topped with fried onion, which usually seen on Chinese cuisine. The chicken tasted good.

As a whole, the restaurant still in its good shape. In fact, it is more crowded now during lunch time. Bear in mind that fuision cuisine is a hit or miss and may not suitable for all people. If you would like to try something new, this restaurant may be a good place to start with.

Below is the Wiki map of the restaurant:

Right-click and "Save Target As..."

Right-click and “Save Target As…”

Place Name:Gastronomic Kopitiam
Address:, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Working Hour:12pm - 9pm. Close on Saturday.
Place Name:Castronomic Kopitiam
Address:Sunway Tunas, Penang, Malaysia