Restoran Seri Idaman


It was a fasting month for Muslim and I was invited to attend a dinner with my schoolmates in one of the Malay seafood restaurants in Teluk Tempoyak – Restaurant Seri Idaman. We chosen this one as another restaurant was not opened during fasting month. Let’s see how good this restaurant is.

View from Restaurant Seri Idaman

You can have a view of fisherman village from the restaurant.

View from Restaurant Seri Idaman

You can sit just next to the shore. Luckily there is no tsunami or else…

Food roundup

When we arrived there around 7pm, the food was already on the table not sure for how long…. hmm… can’t complain much since there were many other customers around waiting to break fast.


7:22pm… 7:23pm… 7:24pm!! Buka Puasa!

The fried squids were okay and we ordered two plate of squids that day. Somehow the flour was little bit too much.

Black Pepper Kapah

This Black Pepper Siput Kepah was kind of special compared to common style which was briefly stir fried in tomato soup with chili. Tasted good but the meat was kind of shrinked. Maybe they put inside the fridge and the clams felt cold and shrink :cold:

Masak Lemak Ketam

One disadvantage of ordering crabs is that people tends to avoid it as you need to use hand, crank,  Thor hammer and C4 to crack this crap. There are usually two reasons they gave:

  1. Lazy
  2. Refer to the first one

I ended up became MPPP and finish this  Masak Lemak Ketam. Kind of stuffy due to coconut milk.

Tomyam Udang

Tomyam Udang was just average and they used S size prawns here . Maybe it tasted better if it was not cold.

Udang Masak Merah

The Udang Masak Merah also just average as some of them already became brittle… probably frozen for too long.


Kailan tasted good. It would be better if served hot (again).

Ikan Bakar

One can’t miss the ikan bakar when visiting fish village. The fish tasted like little overburnt.

Sauce for ikan bakar                                            Sauce for ikan bakar

Even the spicy onion sauce also lack of “oomph”. Luciky the dark chili soy sauce was still acceptable.

Siput Duri (Spikey Snails)

Siput Duri Kukus (Spikey Snails/Chi Lea) was an additional order made by us.

Siput Duri (Spikey Snails)

To eat this thing, you need a toothpick. Then, insert it into the hole and dig out the meat inside.

Siput Duri (Spikey Snails)

It takes a few tries and you may :turntable:

Patient is the key of success.


Finally, some fruit dessert came.

Restaurant Seri Idaman

As a whole, the restaurant provides a nice and hygience environment to dine in. However, the food is just average and most of them already cold the time we broke fast that evening. Except Sushi and Sashimi, food tastes nicer if served hot. Even though it had been 5 years since I visited another Ikan Bakar restaurant nearby, the food should be better at that restaurant.

Restaurant Seri Idaman

Wait a minute, where is the price list? This dinner was actually treated by my seniors in conjunction with my SPM graduation. So I received no price information but if not wrong it should be around RM380 for 12 persons.

Place Name:Restoran Seri Idaman
Address:Teluk Tempoyak, Penang, Malaysia
Tel:6266985 / 019-4743037 (Hassan)