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Some say that working in Bayan Baru is very lucky compared to working in Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone (FTZ) as there are many restaurants around, such as KFC, McDonald, Dragon-Y, Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Home Cafe, and Old Town Cafe. They are so near that I can actually crawl to those places. Few weeks ago we had a new restaurant opened at D’Piazza, a commercial cum residential building near to PISA. It is D’Food Garden. Again, it is walking distance for me so let’s crawl there and review.


Unfortunately, there were only 9 main courses to chose from. Their specialty went to drinks, such as fruit and vegetable juices. For example, the carrot and orange ice-blended (RM5.80) tasted good until last drop (it was somehow overflowed for my case).


The healthy sweet soup (十谷养生糖水) also not bad. This is multi-grain, gingkoes, bamboo-stick with barley (十谷白果腐竹薏米糖水) (RM3.80).


My Ipoh Famous “Hor Hee” (RM5.90) was just average… nothing outstanding.


No comment received for this Ipoh Famous “Hor Fun” (RM5.90)… think it is just average as well.

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This Tomyam Laksa really “beh ki”. It was spicy, period. There is not laksa aroma nor vegetable slices to enrich the dish. The whole dish is like being cooked with seasoning package inside instant noodle.

Can you spot the different among the following three photos?

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The first one with sesame is Crispy Chicken in “Cik Kong” Sauce with Rice (浙江鸡扒饭) . The center one without sesame one is Special Sauce version (特色怪味鸡扒饭). The last one with brighter sauce is Thai Style Sauce version (泰式梅子鸡扒饭). Each priced at RM8.90. The chicken tasted OK but the rice was slightly dried.


The complement soup was again… “beh ki”.

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Hungry ghost like me sure will make a side order, and thus we ordered Seafood Taufu (海鲜豆腐) (RM4.20). Thinking it was homemade, to my horror, it was the same “Taufu” my family bought from supermarket and put inside steamboat during Chinese New Year.


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Place Name:D'Food Garden
Address:D'Piazza Mall, 70-1-26, Jalan Mahsuri, Penang, Malaysia
Working Hour:Mon - Sat 11:00am - 9:00pm. Close on Sunday.

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      Not much special here actually… hehe. Mostly are some restaurant branches which can be found at other places.

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      Yeah sure need time to improve.

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  1. Miky716 says:

    Yes…agree that improvement needed for them…somehow,I’m try the sambal prawn mix chicken not bad and the pineapple big root also nice to drink.

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      Thanks for dropping by. Sambal prawn mix with chicken? Sound new to me. Maybe there is a new menu or I just slipped it last time.

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