Demax @ D’Piazza


Chinese New Year is all about re-union. A group of food bloggers, including me, were having “re-union” in one of the restaurants at D’Piazza, Bayan Baru. Food bloggers come and go (some gave up blogging, some simply  :imdead: due to food poisoning). It would be grateful if similar faces are still there during new year.


Demax, a Chinese restaurant (seriously, I don’t know its Chinese name), was having a management change recently and we were invited for review.


Perhaps this “No government and service taxes” is a welcoming sign.


It got set lunch with big bowl of rice (RM11.90 Nett). Suitable for cheap labor like me who always looking for cheap + big piece food to survive.


The set lunch comes with a drink, soup of the day, and dessert. There are some choices to choose from, including:


Special fried Fish  (Saa Bee Hu) 三味魚


Sweet & Sour Chicken


Kong pou Pork

Note that the rice portion had been reduced for this review purposes (we need to reserve our tummy for other dishes). The actual size is bigger.


Other than set lucnh, they did provide ala carte as well. One of the dishes we tried was Lime Steamed Siakap (酸柑蒸石甲) (RM28). The fish was topped with garlic/chili/lime sauces which will increase your appetite. It was spicy for me.


Curry Sotong (RM8.00). Best served with rice.


Not to be confused this one with curry sotong. This is the Tomyam Soup Noodle (RM5.80). The soup was at sweet side.


Seafood soup noodle (RM6.50). One thing I noticed about the food here is that – they like to use widely available fake crab  meats with artificial favoring on their dishes and label as “Seafood”. Personally I would prefer the real seafood instead.


Oyster Noodle (RM5.80). One of the best noodle type of that day.


Ice Sour Plum Pork Rib 冰梅骨 (Small RM8.50). I like this one.


Salad Chicken (Small RM8.00, Large RM16.00). Both taste and texture were just average.


Special Tofu 招 牌 豆 腐 (Small RM8.00 / Medium RM10.00 / Large RM12.00).

Beverage-wise, they did have some signature drinks, such as this one:


滄海一香 Shandy + Champaign + Sea coconut (RM5.90). I like this one.


Other than that, they do have some ice-blended stuff, such as this Ice Blended Smoothies Blackcurrant (RM4.50).


Ice Blended Smoothies Mango (RM4.50)


Ice Blended Smoothies Milo (RM4.50)


Best of all, they did provide detox health drink 排毒健康飲品 (Carrot, cucumber, apple, beetroot, celery) at the price of only RM5.90 (in case the food is too toxic for you…. just kidding).

P1050559 P1050577 P1050584

Environment-wise, the restaurant is so classy that you won’t notice that this is a “Choo Char” restaurant (More like a western food restaurant).


At a whole, a restaurant which variety of food to try on. There are some improvements which we would like to see after new management taking over the restaurant. What we like to see is that they should have more signature dishes. There is a menu changes in March and hopefully there are some exciting items in it. Instead of being an average all-rounder, they may also consider segment themselves into either fast-serving food stall or fine dining style, and target for specific customers. Hereby I would also like to thank Mr. Tonny for inviting us for the food review. Also thanks to Cariso and FoOdPaRaDiSe for organizing the event.

Other participants:

Place Name:Demax
Address:D'Piazza Mall, No 27, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11900, Penang, Malaysia
Email:[email protected]
Working Hour:10.30am - 2.30pm , 6pm - 10 pm