Exercise while starving won’t reduce weight


Logically, when you starving, you eat more. For those doing exercise just for the sake of reducing weight, don’t do so while you are starving. It just makes you eat more after exercise and make no different in weight loss.

The article suggests you to start exercising 1 – 4 hours after taking meal. I would say it is much depend on how big is your meal. For “double-barrel stomach” person like me, 1 hour is too early to do certain exercises (e.g. jogging) and you probably ended up with stomachache. Ideal one would be 2 – 4 hours. I usually take my lunch at 12:30pm, and have a jog at 5:00pm. Still not that bad.

Also, do not take any food 2 hours before going to bed.

For me, exercise is more on improving my stamina so that I won’t feel tired or fall sick easily. Reducing weight is not my concern. There are better way to reduce weight, such as by proper food consumption.