Starbucks – Expensive, Very Expensive

Chocolate Chip Cream

Chocolate Chip Cream

In current economic condition, having a coffee in Starbucks is not everyone’s favorite. During CNY, I had an outing with my friends. While waiting for my friends to arrive, I surfed Internet in Starbucks.

I went through the menu but can’t find an item below RM10 (there is some items at RM9.90++, which definitely more than RM10 after tax). I had a bad experience in which its hot chocolate tastes like Milo. Eventually, I ordered Chocolate Chip Cream (RM15.50++). Tastes good with chocolate chips blended with the ice, and topped with cream. Eventually I paid RM16.30 just for a drink. Fortunately the Internet connection is okay, or else….


As a whole, you are paying for the service, not the food in Starbucks.

Place Name:Starbucks Coffee
Address:Sunway Carnival Mall, Prai, Penang, Malaysia