Noodle Station (Part 1 – Food)

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Last week, a group of food bloggers including little birdie such as myself were invited for food review in one of the restaurants – Noodle Stations – the Kulim’s Landscape Central branch. Noodle Station is a chain halal restaurant with the first restaurant opened in Kota Bahru, Kelantan.


As the shop name applies, of course, the first thing need to try is their noodle. Their noodle is similar to Wan Tan noodle and is called springy noodle. According to the menu, it is made of 100% eggs noodle and high protein flour. No artificial color and preservative added. Our first dish was Springy Noodle Soup with Tom Yam Seafood (RM7.50). It was really an “taste bud opener”. The spiciness was mild and was slightly sweet. Suitable for people who can’t take too spicy food. The addition of kaffir lime leaves was a plus.


The curry noodle (RM7.50) was not our traditional Chinese curry mee which came with long bean, clams, and coagulated pig’s blood (of course you can’t have this in halal shop). This is more like a “fusion” curry noodle for me, which came with crispy cracker as seen on Jawa mee and fish balls as seen on Koey Teow Soup. The curry was mild but was a bit salty. My mouth felt a bit thirsty afterward.


Let’s move on to the fried stuff. I didn’t have a chance to try springy noodle with prawn – no spicy (RM6.50) so no comment can be made.


However, the spicy version (Thai-sytle) (RM6.50) tasted good and rich in ingredient. After frying, the noodle felt like instant noodle.


They said, if you want your food tasted good (regardless of health), use pork oil. This is true when come to Chinese Char Kuey Teow. However, this Spicy Fried Kuey Teow (RM6.00) also tasted good considering it is halal food.


Ladna Kuey Teow (RM6.50) was just average compared to the Chinese version, probably lack of smoked taste when fried with big fire. Kuey Teow was somehow too big as well, in which you had to cut them off quite often before putting into your mouth. However, the use of honey BBQ chicken slices as “Char Seow” replacement is a plus.


Other than noodle, they also have fried rices. The fried rice with prawn (RM6.00) was average.


On another side, the Tom Yam Fried Rice with Prawn (RM6.50) tasted excellent. The Tom Yam paste used was good.


They also had “Hokkien Char” – Fried Yellow Noodle Hokkien Style – Kicap Hitam (RM6.50). Just average.


Before I forgot, if the food not suit your taste bud, you can always add seasoning at your own.


Here came my favorite Wan Tan Mee (Springy noodle with fried chicken dumpling) (RM6.50) :shock2: Guess that they didn’t rinse the noodle in chicken bone base soup. The noodle was plain… “beh ki”.


You can order fried chicken dumpling (10pcs) (RM5.00) also. In my opinion, the filling could be more.

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We don’t have a chance to try this Springy Noodle with BBQ Honey Whole Leg Chicken (RM8.00). Looked yummy. Instead of 12 floggers fight til dead for a drumstick, they should cut the drumstick into smaller pieces so that we can share and review (in fact, it is good for customer also).


Wow, they even had western food. The super sandwich with smoked turkey (RM7.50) tasted good.

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This is Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce (RM10.90). The brown sauce was good. The chicken is “ma ma tei”.


The Honey BBQ Chicken Wings (6pcs) (RM14.50) was average as well considering many competitors out there.

As a whole (for food version), I still prefer the Tom Yam Noodle/Fried Rice. For the noodle, customers may find themselves difficult to differentiate between instant noodle and the noodle from Noodle Station. The restaurant should also make the dish more presentable, such as putting noodles into smaller bowl to make them look bigger in portion instead of making them flat on jumbo plate.

I will share with you the drink review in coming post.

Special thank to Mr. Khoh, a shareholder from the Kulim branch who invited us for the review, and also thanks to cariso for the arrangement. Noodle Station is available in e-Gate, Sunway Carnival, and Taiping Central.

Place Name:Noodle Station
Address:Kulim Landmark Central Shopping Centre, G-07, Ground Floor, No.1, Jalan KLC Satu (1), Kulim, 09000, Kedah, Malaysia