Vegetarian and Donation 九皇大帝素食与布施

外观 Exterior View

Once again, it is another year of Nine Emperor Gods Festival. The festival starts from the first day of ninth lunar month and ends on the ninth day of the same lunar month. During these nine days, you will notice many yellow tents at the roadside. Today, we bring you to one of the yellow tents in Batu Lanchang, Penang…


The vegetarian stall we are going to introduce is the one located diagonally opposite of KFC in Batu Lanchang. It is operated by Hsinchu Garden at Perak Road. From 12-Oct-2015 until 21-Oct-2015, 6 am until 12 am, customers can enjoy more than 40 types of dishes from the economic rice counter. Live action stalls such as Jawa Mee, Fried Noodle (Hor Fun), buns and even vegetarian burger are also available.

炒河粉 Fried Noodle

Personally, we found out that the price is pretty reasonable. Taste-wise, it is not bad either with “wok hey” on the fried noodle and rich gravy on Jawa Mee. Of course, the most famous one is still the economic rice. Unlike some temporary stalls, dining utensils are provided for dining-in customers and the workers are attentive enough to clean up tables for next customers.


More important, you are contributing to charity when you are dining in here. Part of the income will be donated to the following organizations:

  1. Pertubuhan Rumah Sinar, Bukit Mertajam
  2. Persatuan Kebajikan Shammah, Butterworth
  3. Penang Handicapped Welfare Association
  4. Comfort Care Centre

经济饭 Economic Rice

Other than that, you are welcomed to pass donation items to the counter and Hsinchu Garden will pass your generosity to the above-mentioned organizations. The needed items are such as:

Canned food, rice, flour, sugar, milk, biscuits, cereals, Milo, cod liver oil, milk powder

Diapers, toilet paper, new/old clothes, kitchen utensils, detergent, shower gel, soap, garbage bags.

Those organizations are in need of those products. After all, giving is better than receiving.




经济饭 Economic Rice



爪哇面 Jawa Mee

价钱方面,个人觉得相当合理。 食物也蛮不错。炒河粉有锅气,爪哇面够味。当然,最热卖的还是非经济饭莫属。堂内食用还提供可洗餐具而非一般的即用即丢餐具。桌子也清理得快。

咖喱 Curry


  1. 深爱残障儿童福利中心
  2. 沙玛福利机构
  3. 善心残障儿童福利中心
  4. 康福残障儿童福利中心

经济饭 Economic Rice