Yoshinoya Hanamaru

Gurney Plaza Outlet

Yoshinoya Hanamaru – a Japanese casual fast food restaurant well known of its beef bowl and udon. Its self-service concept has attracted many customers looking for a quick meal yet not sacrificing on the quality of the food. It has few outlets in Malaysia with the recent one at the basement of Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Midvalley Outlet

Before this, we visited Mid Valley outlet, which was also our first visit to Yoshinoya Hanamru. Yoshinoya Hanamaru actually consists of two shops – Yoshinoya for rice dishes and Hanamaru for udon. Why not selling both rice and noodle under one name? We believe it is due to Japanese culture in which a restaurant only offers cuisine they are specialised in. For example, you won’t find sushi in a ramen stall, and vice-versa.

Beef Yakiniku Bowl

For Yoshinoya, beef bowl is a must-try. As quoted from their official website:

Yoshinoya is the oldest (since 1899) and largest restaurant of beef bowl with over 1800 outlets around the globe, including Japan, US, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore. Its roots can be traced back to a small shop in Nihonbashi Fish Market selling Gyudon (Beef Bowl in Japanese). Prepared with its secret recipe broth seasoned with savoury herbs and spices together with large sweet onions, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, Yoshinoya offered a tasty yet healthy meal to the fishermen and fish mongers.

Ontama Taru Taru Chicken Katsu Bowl

Not a beef taker? Don’t worry. Yoshinoya also offers chicken series such as Ontama Taru Taru Chicken Katsu Bowl. Seriously not bad with Thousand Island-alike topping with running egg.

Aburi Salmon Bowl

During our recent visit to Gurney Plaza outlet, we had a chance to try their new product – Aburi Salmon Bowl (RM19.80). We recommend this one as the salmon is flame torched to perfection while retaining its juiciness and tenderness. Mixed with wasabi and shredded seaweed, it is heavenly good.

Bukkake Udon

Hanamaru is founded in year 2001 in Japan with its specialty being its homemade Udon. As quote from their official website: “Our noodles are made fresh and with care at the restaurant daily. In order to serve the tastiest noodles to our customers, we do not keep the cooked noodles longer than 30 minutes.” The udon can be served hot or cold (such as Bukkake Udon).

Spicy Miso Udon

The eggs on most rice and noodle dishes are quality eggs which can be eaten raw. They are nutritionally balanced, safe and healthy even for children (Figure: Spicy Miso Udon at RM12.80).

Curry Udon

Other than cold udon and miso udon, Curry Udon is also available.


To order, customers have to queue up at the counter, pick a food tray, and place orders at the frontend. Most of the items will be ready the moment you move your way to the cashier.  If not, you will be given a pager. You may also pick up some “snacks” along the way such as tempura which is best accompanied with a bowl of Udon.

Chikuwa Isobe and Karaage

Green tea is also self-service and is free flow. Note that their hot green tea is extremely hot (ideally it should be around 70 degree Celcius to retain its antioxidant element but… well…) so you may mix it with a bit of cold green tea.

Aeon Klebang Ipoh Outlet

Below are outlets of Yoshinoya Hanamaru in Malaysia:

  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • DPULZE Cyberjaya
  • Courtyard Subang Jaya
  • Aeon Klebang Ipoh
  • Sunway Carnival Mall Seberang Jaya, Penang
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang

Spicy Miso Udon

As a whole, if you are looking for best beef bowl or Japanese fast food, Yoshinoya Hanamaru is worth considering.

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Address:Gurney Plaza, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Working Hour:Daily 10am-10pm
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