Chinese New Year Buffet & Steamboat @ E&O Hotel


With dual-earner families getting orthodox these days, it is more difficult for family members of three generations gather together during normal days. Even during Chinese New Year, usually those holding “housewife” title will be the “victim” of the reunion dinner. Most of the time, it is better to have the dinner outside to save the hassle of preparing and cleaning the food at home. Eastern & Oriental Hotel (GPS: 5.42361,10033472) can be a reunion dinner place to be considered.

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Huo Tan Wang Charcoal Steamboat 火炭皇 @ Nagore Road, Penang


Few years ago, when someone mentions charcoal steamboat in George Town, Penang, it must be the legendary Goh Huat Seng. Just like many big players in year 2018, it went into history and if you are looking for a placement, we recommend Huo Tan Wang 火炭皇 Charcoal Steamboat at Nagore Road (GPS: 5.42166,100.32632). We had a wonderful evening there with its signature Sour and Spicy base soup.

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