Long Time Ago 很久以前 @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang


Before we found “Long Time Ago”, having BBQ is a messy experience in which not only we have to rotate skewers on regular basis, keeping charcoal grill fire going under hot and humid weather is also a challenge. Fortunately, all these are history after visiting the new “Long Time Ago” (GPS: 5.43637,100.31128) in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.


Automatic BBQ Machine

“Long Time Ago” is located at al fresco in front of Gurney Paragon Mall and has its grand opening on 2-Feb-2019. The new BBQ restaurant uses mind-blowing concept by incorporating an “automatic rotating BBQ machine” on each table. Charcoal is used as it is well-known of its characteristic to enhance food taste. Is it going to be smokey for having BBQ in closed environment? Not really as the BBQ machine has built-in exhaust fan as well.

An order chit is available on each table. To place order, simply write down the quantity and pass it to the staff. The raw skewers will be served on trays.


To BBQ, insert the wheel on metal skewer into a slot at the side of BBQ machine. Do not fill up all slots with skewers as some may get stuck. If this is the case, remove them. Always hold the skewers at the edge and beware of the sharp edge.


Once the food is cooked, take it out and put on the upper bar to keep your food warm while not overly cooked.

Dipping Sauce

Be sure to season your food with their signature seasoning.


“Long Time Ago” is specialized in Mongolian Lamb Skewer and we strongly recommend our readers to try it. For lamb skewers fans, half dozen is recommended and it is slightly cheaper for half or a dozen. To ensure the richness of the taste, each lamb skewer is made from different parts, including rack, loin, fat, and leg. We were a bit reluctant to try at first due to the usual gammy taste of lamb but after BBQing, we were surprised that the gammy taste was brought down to minimal.

For the benefit of our readers, we also included a list of main items below:


  1. Mongolian Lamb Skewer (RM4.20/stick)
  2. Beef Ribeye Skewer (RM4.50/stick)
  3. Pork Belly Skewer (RM3.50/stick)
  4. Chicken Thigh Skewer (RM3.00/stick)


  1. Orlean Chicken Wing (RM3.50/stick)
  2. Spicy Chicken Wing (RM3.50/stick)
  3. Orlean Chicken Drumstick (RM3.50/stick)
  4. Spicy Chicken Drumstick (RM3.50/stick)
  5. Honey Pork (RM3.50/stick)
  6. Luncheon Meat (RM2.00/stick)
  7. Chicken Tail (RM3.00/stick)
  8. Chicken Feet (RM2.50/stick)
  9. Spicy Intestine (RM3.20/stick)
  10. Spicy Pork Liver (RM3.20/stick)
  11. Smoke Duck Breast (RM3.50/stick)



Seafood and Others

  1. Prawn (RM7.50/stick)
  2. Squid (RM7.00/stick)
  3. Shisamo (RM3.00/stick)
  4. Scallop Skewer (RM6.00/stick)
  5. Taiwan Sausage (RM3.50/stick)
  6. German Sausage (RM3.00/stick)
  7. Pork Ball (RM3.50/stick)
  8. Seafood Tofu (RM3.00/stick)
  9. Bacon with Enoki (RM4.50/stick)
  10. Bacon with Chives (RM4.50/stick)
  11. Marshmallow (RM2.00/stick)
  12. Butter Sweet Toast (RM1.50/stick)



  1. Sweet Corn (RM2.00/stick)
  2. Lady Fingers (RM2.00/stick)
  3. Garlic (RM1.50/stick)
  4. Mushroom (RM2.00/stick)
  5. Dragon Chives (RM10.90/set)
  6. Eggplant (RM8.00/set)
  7. Enoki Mushroom (RM5.50/set)

Pork Ribs

Lamb Racks

Other than skewers, pork ribs (RM28.00 for 3 pcs) and lamb racks (RM35.00 for 3 pcs) are also available. For those who cannot live without rice, Garlic Fried Rice (RM6.50), Spicy Fried Rice (RM6.50), Dry Scallion Noodle (RM6.50), Spicy Noodle (RM6.50) and white rice (RM2.00) are ready to serve.

Lamb Racks

As a whole, Long Time Ago provides a peculiar BBQ experience without sweating your back at an affordable price. The restaurant is opened daily from 11:45am until 11:30pm (12am Friday). For reservation and more information, kindly visit their Facebook page.

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