PUTIEN 莆田 Re-Visited

Bamboo Herbal Prawn

Trying out new restaurants is in the gene of foodies and usually we don’t revisit the same restaurant again in near future but Putien (GPS: 5.43585,100.31112)  is an exception in which we re-visited the Michellin-starred again for more dishes. Read more to find out which dishes we tried this time.

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4FINGERS @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

4FINGERS Signature

About a year ago, Korean fried chicken was mushrooming Malaysia. Unlike fried chicken of well-known brands, the poultry was usually coated with spicy sauce. Personally, we tried once during our trip to Seoul but it was burning hot to our liking, to an extend that it was “painful” to eat it. Recently, we finally found a better alternative – 4FINGERS at Gurney Paragon, Penang (GPS: 5.43585,100.31113).

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PUTIEN 莆田 @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

PUTIEN Style Bian Rou Soup (with Vinegar)

Wonton is also known as Bian Rou in the mainland of China and is Fujianese’s hundreds year specialty. Do you know that the skin is actually made of meat? Yes, the fresh minced pork is pounded for 3 hours before forming into paper-like springy wrapper. PUTIEN Style Bian Rou Soup (with Vinegar) 傳統扁肉湯 (加醋) (RM9.90/pax) is a must-try in the new PUTIEN, Gurney Paragon Mall (GPS: 5.43585,100.31112).

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Merry Me New Menu @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

Fusion Ice (Signature Gula Melaka)

While nitrogen ice cream is trending in Malaysia, some ice cream parlors merely focus on presentation. Merry Me (GPS: 5.43586,100.31114) at Gurney Paragon Mall, however, is an exception as the homemade ice cream is not only nice to look at, it is even better to taste with.

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Yoobi Ice Cream and Grand Opening of Magstore Gurney Paragon

Himala Salt (Salty)

If you asked us about trending products in Penang nowadays, one of them would be Yoobi Ice Cream – a soft serve ice cream which can release “smoke”.  It is one of the products sold by Magstore – a new mini-market in Gurney Paragon, Penang. (Figure: Himala Salt (Salty) ice cream).

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Relish, Gurney Paragon, Penang

Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik

Nyonya Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik – one of the best items we sampled during our visit to the new Relish restaurant (Halal) at Gurney Paragon, Penang. It comes with our favorite Keropok Lekor – traditional fish cracker from East Coast. A uniquely Malaysian cuisine hardly found in other regions of the world.

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Mid-Autumn Celebration @ Gurney Paragon Mall

Penang On 6

This year, Gurney Paragon Mall is organizing a mooncakes fair which features an exquisite selection of mooncakes in baked skin and snow skin from the all-time favourite brands such as Kum Lun Tai, The Baker’s Cottage, Leong Yin, Foh San, Fai Fong, Purple Cane, Dragon-i, Hong Kong Mei Xin, and a few more.

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Penang On 6 Grand Opening and Fashion Show @ Gurney Paragon

Gurney Paragon Taste of Fashion

This weekend (18 and 19th April), Gurney Paragon is having a public fashion show delivering almost 40 international and local brands which can be found in Gurney Paragon itself. What’s more, Penang On 6 is just having its grand opening on 17th April 2014 with a revamped appearance.

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Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon

Ultimate Tokyo

For me, Japanese ramen is a luxury item in Malaysia. You can easily spend RM30+ per person in any Japanese ramen restaurant just to have a bowl of noodle which in some cases, you still feel hungry after the meal. Luckily for the new Edo Ramen at Gurney Paragon, now everyone can eat (ramen) with price starting from RM9.90++.

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Gurney Paragon Directory/Shop List

Gurney Paragon

Wonder what’s inside the new Gurney Paragon Mall? Below is the complete list of shops sorted by category in ascending order, a slightly better version compared to official Gurney Paragon website. We will update this listing periodically and if you would like to grab the latest update, please refer to the official website. If you would like to visit it immediately, here’s GPS: 5.43583, 100.31111.

Update History:

  • Apr 2015: Updated with latest shops
  • Mar 2014: Initial release

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