Fried Laksa @ Yan Yam Cafe 炎茶餐室炒叻沙

Fried Laksa

Assam Laksa is a no stranger to Penangites as it is probably the most popular hawker food other than Char Koay Teow. The sour and spicy soup noodle mainly made of fish and tamarind (a.k.a assam in Malay) is also our favorite food. Fried Laksa, however, is an eye-opener for us. Today we bring you to Yan Yam Cafe 炎茶餐室 (GPS: 5.41289,100.32257) for this creative dish.

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DCOVA 2017 Menu


About six months ago, DCOVA (GPS: 5.41806,100.34250) introduced two new items (Teriyaki Tori and Ebiko Alfredo). Today, DCOVA completely redesigned its menu and at the same time, introduced more items to indulge customers with more pasta and beverage. We recently visited it for its preview session.

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