Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon

Ultimate Tokyo

For me, Japanese ramen is a luxury item in Malaysia. You can easily spend RM30+ per person in any Japanese ramen restaurant just to have a bowl of noodle which in some cases, you still feel hungry after the meal. Luckily for the new Edo Ramen at Gurney Paragon, now everyone can eat (ramen) with price starting from RM9.90++.

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Gurney Paragon Directory/Shop List

Gurney Paragon

Wonder what’s inside the new Gurney Paragon Mall? Below is the complete list of shops sorted by category in ascending order, a slightly better version compared to official Gurney Paragon website. We will update this listing periodically and if you would like to grab the latest update, please refer to the official website. If you would like to visit it immediately, here’s GPS: 5.43583, 100.31111.

Update History:

  • Apr 2015: Updated with latest shops
  • Mar 2014: Initial release

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Justfood Food Court @ Gurney Paragon

Exterior View

Food court… first thing comes into my mind is not the delicious local cuisine at affordable price, but the disposable utensils used. Yes, I hate disposable chopsticks, fork, spoon, and plates very much but in order to save cost, many stalls still  like to use them.  Fortunately, my visit to Justfood food court at Gurney Paragon is a positive one.

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