Bite Bite


Little Cottage at Burmah Road, Penang was one of the cafes we blogged at early stage and we actually celebrated many events there. Recently, we noticed that both Burmah Road and Waterfall outlets were renamed, probably due to the change of ownership. We thanked Little Cottage for serving us all these while and decided to give the new brand at Burmah Road – Bite Bite a try.

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Little Cottage 2 @ Waterfall Hotel


Little Cottage is not new in town. In fact I had visited it few times, mostly with female colleagues due to romantic setup (just normal lunch, no extra “co-curriculum”). There are two outlets in Penang island – Little Cottage 1 at Burmah Road (nearby CTY Aquarium) and Little Cottage 2 at Waterfall Hotel. A group of food bloggers were being invited to LC2 for a food review.

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