Pulau Payar (Part 3) – Beach


Snorkeling without seeing bikini girls laying or playing on beach is a sin. We actually arrived at the floating platform which is near to the beach. This post will show guys out there how to get to the beach to see mouth-watering bikini girls.


There are two beaches which are very near to each other. You can reach the first beach by just snorkeling from the platform.


Sadly, not much to see there.


The second beach is at few hundred meters away. There are two ways to reach there. Snorkeling to first beach and walk to the destination…


… or use this “D-Day” boat.


Unless you are state swimmer or used to smuggling illegal things underwater, taking “D-Day” boat is a smarter choice.


I was surprised that nobody is wearing life jacket on boat.


Ahh~ the second beach is a paradise. You can also perform snorkeling there. I noticed that the second beach is operated by another company and when I asked for a mask and life jacket, they were not allowing me to do so. I ended up took the same “D-Day” boat and go back to platform to took my life jacket and the mask. Lesson learned.


There are bridges for you to walk around.


Looks like this boat is out of service…


From another bridge end, you can see the harbor is at the far end.


You can also enjoy jungle tracking there. It had a ball-dropping staircases of 183 steps (should be piece of cake for hikers).


While finding my balls, I snapped some photos as well.


When you reached the top of the hill, you could another side of the sea.


Shxx! Have to walk down again 😯


We still got sometimes left before going back to platform so I took this opportunity to snorkeling. Look ma~ it is a sea cucumber! I hope I can bring one back home for Chinese New Year.


Look! It a baby shark! In Pulau Payar, sharks like this will pass by you quite often. Make sure you didn’t eat KFC in the water or else sharks will eat your drumstick (Guys also advised to hide their sausages and meat balls securely as well). We were told that the “Shark Feeding” session was canceled that day due to the fact that the guards were injured.


I was being chased away at 3pm as it was time to go  back :dontwant:


As a whole, Pulau Payar is definitely a place to visit thanks to its rich corals, fishes, and clean beach. It is hardly to have a clean beach nowadays in which you can see through the soft and crystal clear water as well as playing with salt water fishes. Perhaps the only drawback is that the time is too short to fully enjoy the beach and snorkeling there. Definitely will visit again if got chance.

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