Pulau Payar (Part 3) – Beach


Snorkeling without seeing bikini girls laying or playing on beach is a sin. We actually arrived at the floating platform which is near to the beach. This post will show guys out there how to get to the beach to see mouth-watering bikini girls.

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Pulau Payar (Part 2) – Now Eating


Snorkeling at Pulau Payar is fun (even though I drank a lot of salt water since it was my first attempt). Fishes like to surround you thinking that you are something yummy. They may even bite you (My hairy legs were bitten few times in water) . After swimming for few hours my tummy started to play drum and we had our lunch buffet on the platform.

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Pulau Payar (Part 1) – Now Snorkeling


After living in Penang for a while, I asked myself, is there a beach nearby where I can enjoy crystal clear water? The answer is yes, by paying Pulau Payar a visit. I went there in one of the Sunday. It took me few days to arrange all the photos. As a result, this post will be divided into three parts – “Snorkeling”, “Beach” and “Food”.

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