Plus One Shabu Shabu 壹加壹 @ 1 Utama


I finished Lammeeya. It was still early to check in so I dated my friend at 1 Utama. (Before that I visited Thean Hou Temple to get some blessing for cheap labor like me. I never been there since primary school.) Compared to Queensbay Penang who some think it is everything they want in their life, 1 Utama is one big motherfxxxer. There are quite a number of restaurants in it and obviously we wanna try somethings not available in Penang. So we decided to go Plus One Shabu Shabu.


According to, shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled quickly in broth and served with various dipping sauces. Unlike steamboats in Penang which one table shares one steamboat, this restaurant has one individual steamboat for each person. In general, it is more hygiene.


The steamboat uses induction cooker (电磁炉) to heat up. Below each table is a control panel, in which you can control the heat level. The higher the number, the higher the heat.


For the steamboat, you can choose different base soup. There are overall 17 different type of soups in the menu. There were also set lunches to order in which each costs RM19.90++.  The soups in set lunch menu, however, was limited. You may add RM1.00 for soups not available in set lunch menu. Personally I selected Chicken Marinated in Yellow Wine Broth (醉鸡汤).  I could smell the fragrant of the wine when the bowl arrived.


My friend selected Fish Broth 香浓雪菜鱼汤. The soup was boiled with fish slices.


Other than the soup, you also can choose one of 7 sets of ingredient.  I selected 石班鱼片 Slice Fish Set, which has additional fish dish.


My friend liked balls so she ordered Homemade Ball Set 手打双丸 (冬菇猪肉及鱼肉丸).


The rest of the ingredients were quite standard, which include prawn, squid, fake crab meat, chicken slice, eniki mushroom, veggie, fish balls, fried bean sheet, one or two slices of fish, and emperor noodle (皇帝面). The uncooked emperor noodle looks small, but will fill in one big bowl once dipped with soup.


For the drink, my friend did a good choice by ordering Heong Pin 香片 (RM7.00++). The pot looked nice and you could ask them to free refill.


Oh ya, you also can free refill base soup.


It is not shabu-shabu if it did not come with sauces. On a big table there are various kind of sauces. It looks like free, but it is not. I only found out we had been charged RM1.00 per person when I was writing this blog.


It had been two years since we met so we kept on chatting and refilling the tea. Luckily the manager did not chase us out. At first glance, the “one person one bowl” concept is quite popular in KL nowadays. For Penangites, it is a new experience. The variety of base soup, “self-playable” heat level, non-smokey environment, as well as variety of sauces make this place worth second visit.

Place Name:Plus One Shabu Shabu 壹加壹港式火锅店
Address:Lot F 337-338, Rain Forest, 1st Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel:Tel: (603)7725 3322 Fax: (603)7725 6322
Last Visit:19-Jun-2010