Chinese New Year Steamboat Buffet Dinner @ E&O Hotel


Planning for reunion dinner for coming Chinese New Year (CNY)? Other than course meal, buffet dinner is a better alternative for big eaters looking for more varieties of food. Even better, have it in “Steamboat way”. We recently visited a preview session at Eastern & Oriental Hotel, George Town, Penang for its new steamboat package.

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E&O Hotel CNY Buffet Promotion


In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Eastern & Oriental (E&O) Hotel is pleased to offer you buffet dinner, both in hot trays and steamboat styles. Yes, we were told that tables for certain days during CNY were fully booked so please pick up your phone and dial +604-222 2000 Ext: 3601/3602 (Sarkies) for buffet dinner, or +604-222 2000 Ext: 3175 (Sarkies Corner).

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RM3 Hot Pot at Classic Cafe, Prangin Mall

Individual Hot Pot

We came across an article on Guang Ming Daily regarding an affordable place for hot pot in George Town and decided to give it a visit. We couldn’t believe our eye when we were told that an individual hot pot, which usually priced at RM10++, was priced at RM3 at Classic Cafe in Prangin Mall.

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Clean and cozy place for steamboat

Shabu-Shabu Buffet Dinner

Last time, whenever my friend asked me for a good place for steamboat, I could just recall those open-air steamboat+BBQ places around town areas. They were relatively reasonable, but you definitely 101% need to take bath after the meal due to oily environment. Since early this year, my friends and I found another “steamboat” place – Lolipot.

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A crocodile in Gurney Plaza

Bar B.Q. Plaza, Gurney Plaza, Penang, Malaysia

It had been a while since I visited Gurney Plaza. Few new shops were opened, such as Little Nyonya I previously posted and a steamboat restaurant opposite to it – Bar B.Q. Plaza, or better known as buaya (crocodile) shop due to its mascot.

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Mini Steamboat @ Taiwan Food Midlands


Taiwan Food @ Midlands

It had been 3 years since I first blogged about this place. It still remains as one of my favorite places to dine in due to its cozy and relaxing environment. It was one evening in which I was craving for Taiwanese food (despite of some negative news) after hiking at Youth Park, and I stopped by here again for… mini steamboat.

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Plus One Shabu Shabu 壹加壹 @ 1 Utama


I finished Lammeeya. It was still early to check in so I dated my friend at 1 Utama. (Before that I visited Thean Hou Temple to get some blessing for cheap labor like me. I never been there since primary school.) Compared to Queensbay Penang who some think it is everything they want in their life, 1 Utama is one big motherfxxxer. There are quite a number of restaurants in it and obviously we wanna try somethings not available in Penang. So we decided to go Plus One Shabu Shabu.

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Lameizi 辣妹子 @ Krystal Point


Steamboat businesses in Penang island were monopolized by some buffet style restaurants, such that by spending RM20 you can eat all you like. This makes menu + fixed price restaurants hard to survive… other than from quality POV. We were celebrating one of my colleagues’ birthday last month at Lameizi. Let’s see how’s the food looks like.

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Restaurant “Celup Gembira” (涮涮乐火锅)


(Don’t worry, I am still here. Please add me back to your bookmark.) Last week my friend and I went for Prangin Mall for shopping and dinner. My mind suddenly blanked on what to eat in there as shops over there often came and gone. One shop which stays quite long and successful is perhaps – 涮涮乐 (Shuan4 Shuan4 Le4) which is famous for its Tomyam steamboat. So, we paid it a visit that day. It does not have English name so I just simply gave it one.

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5 Steps to Reduce Cardiovascular Diseases


Right-click and "Save Image As..."

Eat too much steamboats recently? Beware of your cholesterol, which will lead to cardiovascular diseases (心血管疾病). Below are 5 easy steps to prevent it.

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