Kemunting Lake View Restaurant


More well known of mainland’s freshwater fish restaurant, Kemunting Lake View Restaurant was located in Kulim, Kedah. I had my lunch with my colleagues last month in this restaurant. He recommended this place as it had less flies (compared to another restaurant nearby) and the fishes had no earthy taste even they were caught from lake below.


Going there from Penang could be a challenge (Refer to map below) if you are first timer. Basically you need to pass by Kulim Hi-Tech Park, turn left from one of the annoying traffic lights, and continue your journey until you see the signboard on your right.


You will then enter a small road with cement and plantation on both sides. It could be scary especially at night and hence the restaurant is only opened from 11am – 7pm (Close on Wednesday).


The restaurant was built on top of a lake.


Once you entered the restaurant, you could feel that you already escaped from busy streets and entered a countryside.


The lake view was breathtaking as well.

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Next to restaurant there was a “quarantine” zone for pity Tevapie Fishes (非洲鱼) waiting to be slaughtered.


You could actually buy some fish food from the counter there and feed them.

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I was busy snapping photos around while my friend who had visited this restaurant before ordering food.


For the first time in decades, we ordered 3 fish dishes for a lunch. The first one was Steamed Bom Fish 清蒸白须公鱼. The fish was steamed with soy sauce. Surprisingly it did not have earthy taste and was tender as it was “freshly killed”.


Next one was 3 Taste Deep Fried Tevapie Fish 三味非洲鱼. “3 Taste” refers to its sauce, which was spicy, sweet, and sour.


Perhaps the dish which got into my attention most was this Deep Fried Patin Fish 油炸白丁鱼. The whole fish was dipped into oil and sprinkled with lime juice before serving. It could be oily if just eating on its own but good served with rice. You can actually chew its fin as it was fried to crispy.


We also ordered Fried Potato Leave炒番薯叶 (RM8.00). The portion was generous.


Sadly this Venison 鹿肉 (RM20.00) was dissapointing as Venison was used to be tender and smooth compared to other meats but this one was more like coming from aged deer.


Actually my heart was pounding since we ordered 3 fish meals that day… which could easily hit 3-digit figure. Surprisingly, the overall bill was just RM109.50 for 5 persons! At first glance, you should try their freshwater fishes as they were well prepared with minimum earthy taste. Their menu items could be limited anyhow and other non-seafood dishes could be just average. A good place to hang out with family during weekend. Please be reminded that it closes at night.

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Place Name:甘文丁湖上美食馆 Kemunting Lake View Restaurant
Address:Plot 1635, Jalan Simen, Kampung Kemunting, Dusun Karangan, Kulim, 09700, Kedah, Malaysia
Tel:+60174057551, +60194721183 (Tan Lai Hooi)
Working Hour:11am - 7pm (Close on Wednesday)
Last Visit:11-Dec-2010