Hai Nan Town

Gulai Tumis Ikan

Is this a food presentation in a cooking show? No, this is Gulai Tumis Ikan served daily in Hai Nan Town, Penang. Topped with onions, mints, tomatoes, ladyfingers, and torch ginger flower, the curry may look spicy but it tastes more like an appetizing sweet and sour gravy with mild spiciness.

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东城点心 Viva Dim Sum Delight @ Tanjung Tokong

东城点心 Viva Dim Sum DelightTel: 04-8902549

Welcome to the :ghost: month. Within this lunar month, believers usually try to avoid setting up big events as they may offense our “good brothers”. Anyway, thing has its exception. We had a new dim sum restaurant called Viva Dim Sum Delight (东城点心) opened on 10-Aug-2010 (Tue). It is located just next to Chinese Swimming Club in Tanjung Tokong and occupied a section in a food court called Viva (previously known as Sea Horse food court). A group of bloggers were invited for a food preview in one of the afternoons.

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