Steamboat buffet at affordable price


It was around 5pm on non-working Raya Monday when I planned just to have a healthy fruit juice for my dinner. Then, my friend pinged me what to eat for dinner. I had few options in mind in which one of them is Town Steamboat 火锅之家, which I never visited before and was always crowded if late. Eventually we picked this “unhealthy” option due to budget constraint.

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东城点心 Viva Dim Sum Delight @ Tanjung Tokong

东城点心 Viva Dim Sum DelightTel: 04-8902549

Welcome to the :ghost: month. Within this lunar month, believers usually try to avoid setting up big events as they may offense our “good brothers”. Anyway, thing has its exception. We had a new dim sum restaurant called Viva Dim Sum Delight (东城点心) opened on 10-Aug-2010 (Tue). It is located just next to Chinese Swimming Club in Tanjung Tokong and occupied a section in a food court called Viva (previously known as Sea Horse food court). A group of bloggers were invited for a food preview in one of the afternoons.

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