Nyonya Delights Cafe @ Victoria Street, Penang

Penang White Coffee

Wake up early in the morning during weekend and looking for breakfast in Penang island? Other than Dim Sum and coffee shops, there are not many choices especially if you are looking for a cozy cafe for a sip of coffee. Located few shops away from Da Shu Xia Seafood Restaurant 大树下海鲜饭店 at Victoria Street, Nyonya Delights Cafe (GPS: 5.41397,100.33947) is an accidental discovery and since then, we visited it three times for breakfast.

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Ecco Cafe Revisited

Ecco Cafe, Chulia Street, Penang If you are accidentally free in the evening, don’t open your RMVB files or eat bread at home. You should relax yourself by having a jog outside, or enjoy a nice dinner, or both. Last week, I revisited Ecco Cafe at Chulia Street after having a nice evening jog at Air Itam Dam. I was attracted by their handmade recipe during the first visit. Continue reading

Ecco Cafe – True Homemade Recipe

Ecco Cafe, Chulia Street, Penang

Two weeks ago (5-Aug-2008 to be exact), my friend and I visited Ecco Cafe. It is a small coffee shop located at Chulia Street. We drove one round before we were found the shop. The shop has an “old” look which make you feel like eating in a coffee shop back in 80’s.

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