Chia Bee Restaurant 佳美河鲜美食馆

酒蒸大头虾 Steamed Giant River Prawn w. Wine

Prawn – a dish we seldom order because we are lazy to peel off the shell. We forgot when was our last time having prawn in restaurant, until we visited Chia Bee Restaurant 佳美河鲜美食馆 for a plate of Steamed Giant River Prawn w. Wine 酒蒸大头虾.

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Langkawi Nature Discovery Package


Two weeks ago I joined a one-day “Langkawi Nature Discovery” package to Langkawi– an island north of Penang. The package was offered by Langkawi Coral– a Langkawi tour agent in Penang. It had been decades since I visited the island. Even though Langkawi is not as well developed as Penang island, it is in fact bigger than Penang, and even Singapore!

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