RM3 Hot Pot at Classic Cafe, Prangin Mall

Individual Hot Pot

We came across an article on Guang Ming Daily regarding an affordable place for hot pot in George Town and decided to give it a visit. We couldn’t believe our eye when we were told that an individual hot pot, which usually priced at RM10++, was priced at RM3 at Classic Cafe in Prangin Mall.

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Restaurant “Celup Gembira” (涮涮乐火锅)


(Don’t worry, I am still here. Please add me back to your bookmark.) Last week my friend and I went for Prangin Mall for shopping and dinner. My mind suddenly blanked on what to eat in there as shops over there often came and gone. One shop which stays quite long and successful is perhaps – 涮涮乐 (Shuan4 Shuan4 Le4) which is famous for its Tomyam steamboat. So, we paid it a visit that day. It does not have English name so I just simply gave it one.

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