Newest Tao in Town

道 Tao, Times Square, Penang, Malaysia

Nope, this is not an ancient Chinese temple but just one of many decorations in newly opened Tao Japanese buffet restaurant at Times Square Penang. This reminded me that it has been a while since I returned to Times Square, particularly nothing special there and was having bad experience with a guard there for shooting photos on their building (WTF?). Anyway, let’s go!

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Beer Promotion @ Z-Classroom

Z Classroom

I am not a beer lover due to fatty liver. Anyway, once a while I will drink “a bit”, especially during Chinese festivals/events or just when tired working. Recently, I re-visited Times Square Penang and found this “classroom” – Z Classroom.

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Cornflakes Cookies @ Times Square Penang


If you happened to be in town this week, please stopped by Times Square and grab a box of homemade Cornflake Cookies at the price of RM15. They were made by my friend and trust me, I tried it and it is delicious! All the $$ collected will be donated to Penang Leo club as part of year 2011 funding.

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Golden J&C Express Cafe


Timesquare Penang… IMHO it is still very empty even though with Sunshine City moved in. Most probably you are the only customer if you dining in during weekday. There was a cafe in which I visited last year – Golden J&C, in which I feel that it has its specialty despite of being “ignored” most of the time due to location.

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