Only You @ Siem Reap, Cambodia


Only You is located at Street 22 in Siem Reap town (GPS: 13.35604,103.85945). Street 22 is a long stretch of street and the restaurant is located toward Siem Reap river, six streets away and north from Hard Rock. We walked from from our Cafe Lodge Boutique Hotel to the premise after returning from temple hopping and taking a shower. As a first timer, the hidden gem is slightly difficulty to find as there is no street signboard along the way. An easier way is to open up an online map. The easiest way is to call for Tuk Tuk, of course.

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Thibaut Pouplard Debuts as Chef de Cuisine at Feringgi Grill

Grilled Lamb Cutlets,Eggplant Caviar,Garlic Cream & sesame sauce

Grilled Lamb Cutlets topped with eggplant caviar, dressed with garlic cream and sesame sauce. So soft and pleasing that it melts in your mouth. This is probably the best lamb we’ve ever tried and you can grab it at Feringgi Grill in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & SPA in Penang.

(Menu available at the end of this article)

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