Gartien Ujimatcha Pineapple Cake

Ujimatcha Pineapple Cake

Starting from 1-July, Gartien is pleased to introduce you the new Ujimatcha Pineapple Cake 宇治抹茶手工凤梨酥. Best of all, on 1-July, be the first 100 customers to place order in the morning (9am onward) and pay only RM1 nett per box. Collect your order in the afternoon. Missed the opportunity, don’t worry! On 2-Jul and 3-Jul, buy 1 get 1 free!

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Xiao Fei Yang Penang 槟城小肥羊


Update 28-Jun-2015: Get 50% discount for the new noodle series One Pot Noodle 壹碗面 lunch menu!


Xiao Fei Yang 小肥羊 – a restaurant we passed through several times when passing by Tanjung Tokong, Penang but did not have a chance to visit it until recently. The restaurant opens since 23-09-2013 and is specialized in Mongolian style steamboat (hot pot).

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