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One of the disadvantages of dessert house is that if you are looking for proper meal, then you are in the wrong place. Tang Bo Fu 糖伯府 is aware of this and recently introduces some western cuisines. Let’s find out how good their “main courses” are.

Pumpkin Chicken Set Dinner

In any western restaurant, chicken chop is a common dish. Yes, you will find it in Tang Bo Fu as well but is called Pumpkin Chicken Chop (RM12.80). From 5pm til 9pm, dinner set is also available at RM17.90 which includes salad, soup of the day and dessert of the day. The chicken is not oily and the sauce tastes like normal chicken chop. Soup of the day was mushroom soup. The dessert was a fruit muffin and tasted good.

Fish & Chips w. Tartar Sauce

Not to be missed is their Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce (RM12.80). The homemade tartar sauce consisting of mint and lemon is the one to die for. Unfortunately  the dory fish was a bit too hard and coated with thick layer of flour. Other than these two items, there are other main courses in their menu including spaghetti, chicken wings, and chicken chop with different sauces.

盐酥花枝 Salt Pepper Squid

We had an opportunity to try some of their snacks. Salt Pepper Squid 咸酥花枝 (RM7.80) tasted surprisingly good. The saltiness from the plum powder sprinkled on top was just perfect.

Plum Sweet Potato Fries

Alternatively, you may try Plum Sweet Potato Fries 甘梅地瓜条 (RM4.80), a common snack found in most Taiwanese food stalls. The seasoning is similar to Salt Pepper Squid.

糯米鸡 Loh Mai Kai

This Loh Mai Kai 糯米鸡 (RM4.80) supposed to be one of the dishes in dim sum restaurants. For some unknown reason, it is also available in Tang Bo Fu. It was made upon request so the Loh Mai Kai will not be “oversteamed” like those in dim sum restaurants.

中式汉堡包 Chinese Burger

Last but not least, Chinese Burger 中式汉堡包 (RM4.80). The mini patties are made of chicken. Each order comes with four mini burgers in a basket. Seriously I noticed that many cafes are having the same item with the same taste. It could be an outsourced item.

As a dessert shop, Tang Bo Fu serves not only Hong Kong desserts, but also starts introducing some main courses for customers looking for proper meal. Eventually it can be a place for hangout and dining.

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