Tatsu Jin

Restaurant View

Unless you are a competitor, nobody likes a restaurant to close down, including bloggers. Imagine you spent several hours to finish the post, just to find out that the restaurant already went back to China selling salted duck eggs (closed business). One of the examples is Kong Bee Lee Pan Mee at Kampung Jawa, which now turns into a Japanese restaurant – Tatsu Jin 达人.

Tatsu Jin is so new that some of its staffs are still wearing old Kong Bee Lee uniform. It could be from the same management, or at least the same staffs. We stumbled upon it when we had our lunch at coffee shop nearby. We decided to pay it a visit after seeing their set lunch banner starting from RM8.90.

Assorted Roast Sushi 烧烤寿司

We flipped through their menu printed from enlarged image files in which you may download a copy here (For latest menu and pricing, always refer to the actual copy in the restaurant). Sadly, their price for ala-carte menu is almost similar to those chain restaurants. To be fair, we ordered one of the recommended sushi – Assorted Roast Sushi 烧烤寿司 (RM18) consists of 6 pieces flamed sushi. Taste-wise, it was acceptable.

Lunch Promotion

Currently, there are only 3 items for set lunch menu, including Yaki Butaniku Don 烧烤猪肉饭 (RM8.90), Chicken Teri Don 红烧鸡肉饭 (RM9.90), and Salad Kisu Don 子鱼沙律饭 (RM9.90). All served with Japanese rice and Miso soup.

Yaki Butaniku Don 烧烤猪肉饭

We ordered the pork and fish dons. Yaki Butaniku Don was a bit plain and dry to our liking. The pork slices were also too little to an extend that I had to conserve it to avoid having nothing to consume with rice later.

Salad Kisu Don 子鱼沙律饭

The Salad Kisu Don is much better than the pork don, at least the sweet and sour Teriyaki sauce is tastier compared to the pork one.

Tatsu Jin is an alternative choice if you are working in Bayan Lepas area and are craving for Japanese food. The serving speed is considered fast if you are ordering their set lunch. Hopefully they will add more items to their set lunch menu to attract more workers looking for quick lunch without hurting their pocket.

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Place Name:Tatsu Jin
Address:12, Jalan Bahagia, Kampung Jawa, Bayan Lepas, 11900, Penang, Malaysia
Working Hour:11.30am-3.00pm, 5.30pm-10.00pm