Eastin Hotel Penang Buffet (June 2014)

Food Presentation

This June, instead of offering buffet of a particular cuisine, Eastin Hotel Penang is pleased to offer you “Around the World in 80 Dishes” International cuisine for their buffet line.

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Tatsu Jin

Restaurant View

Unless you are a competitor, nobody likes a restaurant to close down, including bloggers. Imagine you spent several hours to finish the post, just to find out that the restaurant already went back to China selling salted duck eggs (closed business). One of the examples is Kong Bee Lee Pan Mee at Kampung Jawa, which now turns into a Japanese restaurant – Tatsu Jin 达人.

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Something to spice up your day

干肉骨茶 Dried Bak Kut Teh

I was wondering where to get dry bak kut teh in Penang island, and my friend recommended me this stall located opposite of Tesco Extra Sungai Dua, inside Seong Huat Coffee Shop 祥发美食餐室.

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Steamed Rice near Snake Temple

Steamed Rice @ Snake Temple

Located next to famous snake temple in Penang is a coffee shop called Yong Yao 永耀茶餐室 having food stalls which can be counted by one hand. Perhaps the most popular stall is a stall selling steamed rice at RM4.50 each.

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A Better Friend

芝司螳螂虾 Cheese Mantis Prawn

“Hello, my name is mantis prawn, and thanks to you all, we will be SLAUGHTER! Come on, we are Good Friends, right?”. This is their last photo taken alive, before they turned into Cheese Mantis Prawn by Good Friend Seafood Bayan Lepas.

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Batu Maung Seafood at New Location


Woof woof (Welcome)! What a cute “sausage” dog I found in OCEAN Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant. Somehow he scared away when I “snap snap” him. I was looking for a seafood restaurant I never visited before when a friend of mine asked me for dinner. Googled around and found my friends, FoOdPaRaDiSe (here, here, and here) and CK (here) recommended this restaurant so we decided to pay it a visit.

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