Ming Yuan Seafood Steamboat 明苑自助海鲜火锅


Steamboat is always our favorite especially during Chinese New Year and cold weather. Whether it is gas stove or classic charcoal steamboat, it is always fun to cook and net your food in the boiling soup with a group of friends or relative. With that, we recently visited the newly opened Ming Yuan Seafood Steamboat Restaurant 明苑自助海鲜火锅 … Continue reading

Steamboat buffet at affordable price


It was around 5pm on non-working Raya Monday when I planned just to have a healthy fruit juice for my dinner. Then, my friend pinged me what to eat for dinner. I had few options in mind in which one of them is Town Steamboat 火锅之家, which I never visited before and was always crowded if late. Eventually we picked this “unhealthy” option due to budget constraint.

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