Tao Kae Noi Mookata 小老板火锅 @ Siam Road, Penang


You probably heard of “steamboat” and “Korean BBQ”. How about “Mookata“? Mookata is probably originated from Thailand and is the combination of Korean BBQ and Chinese hot pot.  In other words, you can grill and cook your favorite food on a unique pan. Mookata was in Thailand for more than 25 years before spreading to Malaysia and Singapore. Today, we bring you to a – Tao Kae Noi Mookata (GPS: 5.41501,100.32055) offering such delectable food.

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Ming Yuan Seafood Steamboat 明苑自助海鲜火锅


Steamboat is always our favorite especially during Chinese New Year and cold weather. Whether it is gas stove or classic charcoal steamboat, it is always fun to cook and net your food in the boiling soup with a group of friends or relative. With that, we recently visited the newly opened Ming Yuan Seafood Steamboat Restaurant 明苑自助海鲜火锅 … Continue reading

Steamboat @ E&O Hotel

Steamboat @ E&O HotelDaily 6:30pm - 10:30pmTel: +(6) 04 222 2000 ext. 3175

In Penang, there are two types of hot pot (or commonly known as steamboat) – buffet or set meal. While buffet style is usually value for money (provided you are big eater), it usually lacking of premium seafood such as crab and big prawns. Even some set meals only offer medium size prawns at most. The steamboat in E&O Hotel is, however, the most luxurious steamboat we have ever tried.

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Xiao Fei Yang Penang 槟城小肥羊


Update 28-Jun-2015: Get 50% discount for the new noodle series One Pot Noodle 壹碗面 lunch menu!


Xiao Fei Yang 小肥羊 – a restaurant we passed through several times when passing by Tanjung Tokong, Penang but did not have a chance to visit it until recently. The restaurant opens since 23-09-2013 and is specialized in Mongolian style steamboat (hot pot).

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好味锅猪骨火锅 Hou Mei Wo Steamboat


好味锅猪骨火锅 Hou Mei Wo Steamboat has its first outlet opened at Ipoh, followed by first branch at Menglembu and finally, second branch at Elit Avenue, Bayan Baru, Penang. This also marks the second steamboat (hot pot) restaurant in Elit Avenue. We were fortunate enough to visit it on its first day of opening, 1-June-2015.

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Angkiki Hot Pot, Anson Road, Penang

Nyonya Assam Pedas

As long as hot pot is concerned, two common soup bases found in most restaurants are clear soup and Tom Yam. It comes as a surprise that Nyonya Assam Pedas works well and tastes even better as a soup base.  This unique soup base can be found at the new Angkiki Hot Pot at Anson Park Food Court.

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Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat 炎发火炭炉

Charcoal Steamboat

Charcoal steamboat reminded me of my family which like to setup charcoal steamboat during Chinese New Year. It is enjoyable but at the same time a lot of preparation and cleaning job to take care of. Luckily for Penangites, all these hassles will be taken care by Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat 炎发火炭炉 staffs.

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Midnight Steamboat

Lameizi Steamboat 辣妹子Working Hour: 5pm - 5amTel: 04-2279969 Fax: 04-2280246

Back in year 2010, I reviewed about Lameizi at Krystal Point. Recently, its main branch at Nagore Road, Penang was visited. When I enter this restaurant, I stopped in front of their glass door for a while, looking at the working hour for few minutes. 5pm to 5am? That’s crazy!

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