Nan Guang’s Kim Laksa 南光金叻沙


This is another quick-and-dirty review. It was one Thursday afternoon when I “snake” at home, and a friend pinged me asking me where to eat for lunch. I am having headache in comparing a series of laksa I tried at Balik Pulau during Durian Session (Jun/July). To be fair, I planned to revisit them again before writing review.

We drove all the way to home-cook Laksa and Hokkien Mee at Jalan Kuala Bahru (N 05.35390, E100.19988) only to find out that it was not open (Googled around and noticed that it only opens on Saturday and Sunday… Shxx!).



We then returned to old Balik Pulau Market, in which my friend recommended me a laksa shop I never tried before – Kim Laksa 金叻沙 @ Nan Guang 南光 Coffee Shop. Its specialties is the noodle, which is more rough (vs smooth) compared to laksa in town.


There are two types of laksa offered there: asam laksa and lemak laksa. My friend ordered asam laksa (RM2.50). It was a bit sweet (probably they had prawn paste pre-mixed) and the flaked fish was not as much as lemak laksa.


For my case (lemak laksa) (RM2.50), the gravy tasted like otak-otak, which was kind of unique. Flaked fish and veggies were generous. It tasted mild compared to asam laksa. My friend would like to order it next time.


Lastly, not to forget Balik Pulau‘s famous nutmeg drink 豆蔻水. Laksa is a unique food in which different people has different preference. It also unique in the sense that even in the same stall, the gravy quality could be different on different day (e.g. fish freshness/distribution). As a whole, I like lemak laksa in this stall due to its uniqueness, which tasted like otak-otak.

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Place Name:Kim Laksa @ Nan Guang Coffee Shop
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Tel:012-4286235 (Mr. John)
Working Hour:11am-5pm. Closed on every Wednesday (except public holidays).
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