Laksa and Hokkien Mee (and Loh Bak)

Jalan Bahru Laksa and Hokkien Mee

Another laksa stall I frequently visited in Balik Pulau is the one at Jalan Bahru, or better known as Laksa and Hokkien Mee house since they are selling both items at their resident house during weekend at a reasonable price of RM2.80 each. Continue reading

Laksa with Pai Tee @ Balik Pulau


July is a happening month in Balik Pulau thanks to durian session. Other than that, it is good to try out Balik Pulau’s laksa as well. We had a “Laksa Jiak Ba Ba” trip last month and one of the stalls we found was a resident house along the windy road to Teluk Bahang.

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Nan Guang’s Kim Laksa 南光金叻沙


This is another quick-and-dirty review. It was one Thursday afternoon when I “snake” at home, and a friend pinged me asking me where to eat for lunch. I am having headache in comparing a series of laksa I tried at Balik Pulau during Durian Session (Jun/July). To be fair, I planned to revisit them again before writing review.

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The sum of all durians (2010)


As mentioned, June to August is Durian session. My colleagues and I are durian fan. We dared enough to travel to Balik Pulau just for durian lunch. The first trip was on 3-Jun-2010, in which we traveled to Balik Pulau Wet Market by two cars. There was a durian stall called 118 which was recommended by friend’s friend.

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