Steamed Rice near Snake Temple

Steamed Rice @ Snake Temple

Located next to famous snake temple in Penang is a coffee shop called Yong Yao 永耀茶餐室 having food stalls which can be counted by one hand. Perhaps the most popular stall is a stall selling steamed rice at RM4.50 each.

Steamed Rice @ Snake Temple

It could be crowded during lunch hour with factory workers and cheap labours like me. Sometimes, tables remained uncleaned by stall owners after patrons left the restaurant for quite some time.

冬菇鸡饭 Mushroom Chicken Rice

The steamed rice was served inside a traditional Chinese soup bowl. They offered three type of steamed rice. The first one is  Mushroom Chicken Rice (冬菇鸡饭).The chicken was made of whole piece of boneless chicken thigh, making this my favorite choices. We couldn’t find any mushroom during our last visit. Perhaps what they mean was that they marinated the chicken with mushroom sauce.

排骨饭 Pork Rib Rice

Next is Pork Rib Rice (排骨饭). It only consisted of three chunks of pork rib. Note that the art of eating steam rice is to pour the content into a provided plate, mix it well before enjoying. The rice was usually tastier towards the end. Do not finish all toppings first or else you will ended up eating plain rice in the end.

咸鱼肉饭 Salted Fish Rice

Lastly is Salted Fish Rice (咸鱼肉饭). It was similar to my family’s good-o-day’s minced pork with salted fish.

Steamed Rice @ Snake Temple

More known as steamed rice near snake temple, the food portion is generous… well, at least for its rice. Two of us finished all three choices in one lunch and we were extremely full. Each bowl comes with soup of the day. Not sure whether it opens at night but it is definitely a popular spot for factory workers during lunch hour.

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Yong Yao Restaurant 永耀茶餐室

Place Name:Yong Yao Restaurant 永耀茶餐室
Address:Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
Last Visit:20120217