Chin Bee 晋美 @ 二条路


I had dinner with Criz and friends last night. One of my friends said, “Waco usually very efficient one! This restaurant’s blog probably in his blog tonight.” 😯 Dunno is teasing or what… Anyway, guess is time for me to get back to business – blogging. Today, I bring you to one of the Choo Char restaurant recommended by CrizChin Bee at Lebuh Noordin (a.k.a Ji Tiao Lor 二条路).

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Golden J&C Express Cafe


Timesquare Penang… IMHO it is still very empty even though with Sunshine City moved in. Most probably you are the only customer if you dining in during weekday. There was a cafe in which I visited last year – Golden J&C, in which I feel that it has its specialty despite of being “ignored” most of the time due to location.

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Bayonya @ Melaka Raya


One of my ex-colleague who lost contact for more than a year suddenly IM me. She now works in KL and she still knows my latest status by reading my blogs :shy: At least now I know I got some loyal “divers” (those visited but rarely leave comments) and this encouraged me to write more. Anyway, this is an old but not-bad Nyonya restaurant I visited in Malacca during last Xmas holiday – Bayonya.

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113 Fried Porridge 炒粥


Char Moey (Fried Porridge) – A dish hard to find in some areas, is now available in Tanjung Tokong . Unlike normal porridge, it is mildly fried to brown color with pork and the fragrant from wok. I was introduced by my friend to try it one day.

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Everyday Supreme 天天大酒楼


My relatives returned from Australia and would like to try seafood. From my memory, good seafood with reasonable price in Penang island usually don’t have aircond. Most probably you will end up standing with left hand holding crab, right hand holding hammer, with a tuala on your shoulder to absorb sweat. After deep consideration, I ended up inviting them to Everyday Supreme located inside Red Rock Hotel.

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