Hon Kei Food Corner 汉记小食店, Jalan Kampong Malabar, Penang

Restaurant View

Jalan Kampong Malabar 日本新街 is more happening now due to opening of some new restaurants. One of them, however, is not new and already been there for decades. Hon Kei Food Corner 汉记小食店 previously was a stall in Ho Ping Coffee Shop at the junction of Penang Road and Jalan Kampong Malabar selling famous Bak Moi (Pork Porridge). Recently, it moved to its own premise few shops away.

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Te Wei Noodle Restaurant 特味面食馆, Taman Lip Sin, Bayan Lepas

Restaurant View

Pan Palace Plaza is a commercial mall located in Taman Lip Sin near Super Tanker Food Court. For years, the plaza is deserted with only two main tenants – Sunshine and Red Tea Garden Dim Sum. The restaurant in this article used to be a Wantan noodle restaurant. Before we managed to write about it, it changed to another noodle restaurant selling fish noodle/porridge, namely Te Wei Noodle Restaurant 特味面食馆.

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Anything healthier you have to cook it yourself

Update 16-Jul-2013: Sweet-i is moved to Taman Lip Sin, opposite of Super Tanker Food Court. See Google map at the end of this post.

Sweet-i, Sungai Dua, Penang

Dessert houses are blooming in Penang island. Most of them emphasized on taste (e.g. sweetness) and appearance (e.g. served by pretty girls) rather than the desserts’ nutrition. Sweet-i, however, is an exception.

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Ipoh Eating Trip: Foh San (again)


My rich friend bought a new Honda City and would like to try long distance drive so I took this opportunity to travel down to Ipoh with my friend. We started at 5am from Penang with the purpose of arriving there early for dim sum. Since my friend was first time there, we choose Foh San 富山 as it had better environment and we arrived there at 7am.

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Siong Ho Fishhead 松和鱼头米粉和粥

Update 23-Jul-2013: This stall is no longer in operation.


It was last Saturday when a group of bloggers went for… wait… is this a wet market? Not really. It was Siong Ho Fishhead Bee Hoonand Porridge (松和鱼头米粉和粥) stall located inside Hualy Food Court at Weld Quay. You can pick various kind of seafood from the stall.

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Tho Yuen Dim Sum 桃园点心


Ahhhh~ finally a delicious egg tart in dim sum restaurant! The filling was thick, sweet, fragrant, and shining. The skin was like puff skin and wouldn’t mess all over the table.  At 8am, all egg tarts were finished.

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113 Fried Porridge 炒粥


Char Moey (Fried Porridge) – A dish hard to find in some areas, is now available in Tanjung Tokong . Unlike normal porridge, it is mildly fried to brown color with pork and the fragrant from wok. I was introduced by my friend to try it one day.

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