178 Cafe

Tomyam Seafood Spaghetti

…. This is probably the first time we are consuming pasta in a paper cup just like a take-away Chinese food. Our parents have thought us that “Do not judge a book based on its cover” so let’s try our Tomyam Seafood Spaghetti from 178 Cafe before giving comments.

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Bouncy Food


Bouncy is not difficult to spot as it is one of the resident-turns-commerce house at Jalan Mahsuri next to 888 Hokkien Mee (after Sunshine Square and before FIZ3 traffic light under the flyover) (GPS: 5.32684,100.29037). Parking-wise, there is a car porch for two cars in front of the cafe. Alternatively, you may park your car along the main road.

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Burger in Black

Homemade Charcoal Burger (Chicken)

Hmm… charcoal burger at promotional price of RM10 (valid until 31-Mar-13), a new additional in a local pizza shop – New York Pizza at Sungai Dua, Penang. No, it won’t dirty your hand and it tastes just like normal bun, but tastier and crispier. Let’s see how it tasted like.

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Fast Food Redefined

Double Trouble (Original)

Usually I did not review fast food. However, after visiting 43 Cafe located at Sungai Dua, Penang, I make an exception by introducing you all their homemade pork burger which is prepared fresh daily (Note: This post is non-halal).

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