Sister Cook 大姐中国沙县小吃

Freezing Broccoli 冰镇西兰花

Each day, we are scraping our head in preparing our dinner. Little did we know that a delicious meal can be as simple as dipping freezing broccoli with wasabi and soy sauce.  This is one of the specialty in Sister Cook restaurant operated by sisters from Sha-county 沙县 of China.

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Valuable Set Meals

炫升港式小厨 Xuan Xin Restaurant (Queensbay Mall)

“Master Huang”, a label telling you which chef prepared this dish so that you can complain to the right chef in case the food suck. This is one of the uniqueness I found in Xuan Xin – a new restaurant (opposite of SenQ store) opened in Queensbay Mall.

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